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Exterior Architectural Gilding. Gilding of an eagle. Kazakhstan, Karaganda

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Looking at the pictures of our Karaganda epic, think about that - what a miracle we were able to create little less than two months, how much labor and skill laid on the monument! I remind you that we received an order for gilding Eagle plastic ball and the sun, the same plastic. The quality of sculpture struck us to the depths of the soul - an ugly surface alternated through-cracks and holes ... We do not do it - the first thought ... Need to try - the second ... Where we did not disappear - the third and final .... The rest can be seen in the photo.

  • Reference: Gilding the Eagle - the next state order. Earning the trust and appreciation of our previous work by the Kazakh authorities, with gilding eagle master UNIGILD showed a brand new high performance and preparation for gilding gilding obviously defectivesurface! We can say with certainty, such a high quality gold plating rarely reached from the masters past and present! See for yourself! Below are photos before and after the gildingof the Eagle. The city of Karaganda.

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