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Interior Gilding Church. Greece Athenes

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From March to May 2011, UNIGILD received great pleasure from working in Greece on the iconostasis of the church in a wonderful novodelnom Athens area Vulyagmeni, on the Aegean coast. Oversaw the work of a famous master of iconography and temple wallpaintings GEORGE CORDIS, the very presence of which is a joy to our - Artists gilders.

The Greeks said that they taught that Russia gilded with gold leaf ... Like it or not, I do not know, but the results of our work can be understood that this is a real gold leaf UNIGILD brought from Russia to Greece. In any case, all of this, more friendly than a financial contract, and were happy for a long time remember the days of joint work and play in sunny Greece!

  • DEAR OUR CUSTOMERS! Where ever you are in what states, cities, anywhere in the land where you instructed us to Gold Treatment with gold leaf, our leaders,superintendents, estimators, gilder, all licensed specialists are on your first request LEAVE IN PLACE OF WORK FOR EXAMINATION AND DISCUSSION ORDER.

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